Our Drive

We take our inspiration for the success of our business from the team spirit that’s seen historically in the Grand Prix. In a sport where success can only be achieved when all the variables are working in harmony, this organising thought has become the WINIM rally and sits at the core of our team.


We believe that our success, as in motor racing, comes from having that working harmony, from understanding the importance of having every variable planned and ready.


It is this act of perseverance and dedication that resonates with our values at WINIM.


We achieve results through integrity, innovation and dedication to the final goal.

Our Team

The founding directors of WINIM are retail and mixed-use property specialists with highly developed skills. They have based the formation of the business on a successful working relationship for more than ten years.


Our wider team is also integrity-rich, comprising well respected and experienced operators who have held senior positions in reputable public and private property management and development corporations.


We pride ourselves on being are adaptable and flexible in order to achieve successful outcomes, despite any contingencies that may arise.

Meet Our Drivers

Justin Kuiters
Joint Managing Director
Josh Leahy
Joint Managing Director
Troy Brown
Development Manager
Alexander Cameron
Assistant Investment Manager
Sophie Campbell
Sales & Marketing Manager
Peitra Creak
Development Manager
Jess Duce
Development Manager
Gus Kuiters
Capital Transactions & Investor Relations
Todd Kuiters
Development Manager
Kip Laverack
Development Manager
Wilma Leahy
Development Manager
Lachlan Pierce
Assistant Development Manager
Daniel Regulla
Management Accountant
Anna Rigney
Office Manager
Ry Stephen
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